Experts in business travel management

Experts in business travel management

[Covid News] Why does Covid not spread easily on flights?

A serious newspaper such as The New York Times interviewed 511 epidemiologists who have been dedicated to this virus for exactly four months. And asked about the risks.


The question that you and I ask: how can it be that on the street they ask us for two meters of distance between people and, instead, allow themselves to fly by plane, where the distance between passengers is minimal?

 And it has an answer: air rotation. The issue of coronavirus transmission has to do with distance from other people but also with the time we spend sharing the same air. In this sense, epidemiologists certify that there have been no cases of Covid infection in airplanes so far, although it did occur with other viruses in the past, because the speed with which they were spread is greater. Instead, there are tons of examples of restaurants, churches, conference rooms, or concerts where contagion occurs. Everyone remembers that religious ceremony in a South Korean city that caused the first major outbreak of viruses outside of China. Well, the variables have to do with whether we are in an interior space, but not because it is interior but because there is little air renewal. However, the planes, even being closed spaces, have a huge air renewal.

What these epidemiologists in general say: that there are quite a few risks in airports, departure lounges, hallways leading to the plane, and so on. And that, naturally, a mask is used if possible.

It is interesting, in any case, to understand the logic of how the virus spreads, to understand which situations are at risk and which are not.