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Back to the Golden Age of Travel

Of course these places are exotic dream destinations, fantasy worlds, but there was a time when travel itself was a special and fantastic undertaking. 

Today we live through experiences and remember them. Let us fulfil your dream and you will have the world in your hands.

We promise you the moon but without Apollo XIII.

Manage and book the trip you want.


Compare prices, book tickets and manage your company’s travel all in one place.

Flight + hotel
% Discounts

By booking a flight and a hotel, you will save up to great discounts %!


Search Hundreds of Cruise Deals. All Major Cruise Lines. Up to 80% Off Cruises! Cruising is one of the most economical ways to go on vacation. 

Great trips

Make your dreams come true and experience an unforgettable trip.

Manage and reserve the trip you want.

Top Destinations

Costa Rica

Discover the essence of Costa Rica, its beautiful nature and Guanacaste province during 9 days. 


Be ready for eight immersive days from Delhi to Jaipur. Experience one of the most colourful countries in the world.


Travel a week through Italy. See and taste the best of its most famous cities such as Rome, Florence or Venice.  


Immerse yourself in Prague’s history and beautiful architecture. Complete your trip exploring the bohemia region surrounding it. 


From the organised chaos that is Marrakech’s souks to Rabat’s coastline. Morocco’s cities and landscapes will leave you in awe. 


Lisbon, its castle, markets all one tram stop away. Experience gigantic waves off the Nazaré’s cliffs or the picturesque town of Cascais


From the pyramids to the many temples and the river nile. Egypt will make you travel back in time through its history.

Greece / Athens

Discover Athens, its mythological wonders and feast your eyes with Santorini and its clear waters. 

Vietnam / Cambodia

Transform the name Vietnam from a far away destination to a place you have fond memories of. 

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