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Our specialized services cover customer loyalty, employee incentives and the organization of seminars, meetings and conventions.

the best tools

We Report

We provide IT tools and solutions to apply to your company’s policy in a simple, practical and effective fashion.
The Amadeus AeTM programme will improve and optimise your travel account.

We Manage

Our managers will study your travel expenses and suggest ways to help you save costs, while constantly maintaining the improvements that drive progress in cost optimisation.
We provide financial solutions to manage your travel account with a number of very interesting term payment proposals. Have you considered you could pay for your trips in up to 90 days with no extra charge? Enter our Horizon world and find out how we do it.

We Implement

Your assigned manager will customise and adapt to your business processes, implementing and advising on technical aspects to help you deliver on the saving goals you have set.
Getting information that allows us to perform an exhaustive analysis of your travel spending will help us in the report we will draft to offer you the optimal savings options.

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Mission & Vision

VIAP has been working with the same organizations for years to strengthen their relationship.

Having complete knowledge of the customer’s profile and the needs that may arise is essential when undertaking a Commercial Objective.

At VIAP, we have the sufficient knowledge and experience so that everything goes according to plan.

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A happier team is a more productive team.

2020 ideas

Perfect business / leisure balance

We do our best to offer dynamic and impactful experiences to maximise the outcome of your incentive activities.

Tailored made experiences

We listen, understand and execute your objectives through an offer specially tailored to you.

Result Focused

We combine your vision to our expertise in order to reach, and exceed, the result you wished for. Through our extensive network and experience, we can guarantee success through a cost efficient proposition.


Motivate your employees with an original Team Building activity.

Tell us what you would like to do and we create it.

Multi-adventure activities

We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor multi-adventure activities for businesses.

Business Coaching

Do you know that a good coach can get his employees involved more at work? Leave it in our hands.

Customized experiences

For us each client is one, unique and special, and receives a treatment based on excellence, exclusivity and experience. Ask for what you want, and we will do our best to get it.

Thematisation of activities

Let us cover any scenario; everything matters, controlling even the smallest detail is necessary to succeed.

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