From 1994, the company VIAP continues with the persistence to maintain the spirit with which it was founded: Compromise and vocation to provide a personalized and quality service, modern and effective.

We are a qualified team with experience in international travels . We belong to Uniglobe group, with representation in 70 countries and we are integrated in AVASA, the two organizations with extensive offices and services coverage.

Contact with us and discover a new style advice in the management of your travels.

In March 2006 we successfully obtained UNE-EN-ISO9001-2008 certification


Our team, formed of excellent professionals and with the support of the UNIGLOBE International Group, makes it possible to offer you a premium service with the guarantee of acquiring the best product at the optimal quality/price ratio.

Uniglobe is a corporate travel agency offering a global service.

UNIGLOBE Travel has more than 750 offices in over 60 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.


Rafael Quintana


Elisabet Abad

Project Manager

Carles Ullastre

Director comercial

Mercè Puig

Jefa Administración

María Rey

Calidad y Control

Vanesa Piñón

Departamento Implementación

María Rosa Peña

Consultor de viajes

Esther Planas

Consultor de viajes

Isabel Mestres

Consultor de viajes

Miquel Hellín

Consultor de viajes

Lorena Cervera

Consultor de viajes

Amaya Garde

Consultor de viajes

Gabriela Ferencova

Departamento de administración

Joan Serrate

Departamento de administración