Present in the sector since 1994, serving a broad portfolio of clients. Our agency help to manage travel programs, with maximum efficiency, adaptation to the needs and cost optimization. We maintain the spirit with which Viap was founded: “commitment and vocation to offer a quality, personalized service, modern and efficient
We are part of UNIGLOBE, a global network with a presence in more than 70 countries, as well as of AVASA for the national market, which allows us to have a wide coverage of offices and services.


Our team

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced travel professionals.

Rafael Quintana


Elisabet Abad

Project Manager

Carles Ullastre

Comercial Director

Andreu Lopez

Chief of Administration

Joan Serrate

Administration Dept.

María Rosa Peña

Travel consultant

Lorena Cervera

Travel consultant

Isabel Mestres

Travel consultant

Esther Planas

Travel consultant

Miquel Hellín

Travel consultant

Amaya Garde

Travel consultant

María Vela

Travel consultant

Santiago Rico

Travel consultant

Patri Saavedra

Travel consultant

Carmela Martinez

Travel consultant

Astrid Aragones

Travel consultant

Cristina Ramirez

Travel consultant

Raquel Gallego

Travel consultant

Mission and vision, customer-oriented

VIAP has been working with the same organizations for years to strengthen their relationship.

Having a complete knowledge of the client’s profile and the needs that may arise is essential when undertaking a Commercial Objective.

At VIAP we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Commitment to diversity

We are part of the Nextdiversitat program, an initiative that aims to incorporate or enhance the perspective of diversity in the company and accompany groups in vulnerable situations to improve their employability.

Customer testimonials

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“Personalized treatment, wide range of services and knowledge of the destinations. Their hotel recommendations are always spot on.”

Sergio Torres

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“Little by little we are having a more continuous business relationship. I would like to thank you for your speed, efficiency and the good understanding we are having, I am very happy with your service.”

Josefina Carulla

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“Thank you as always for the details of your emails. It really helps us coordinate internally and we do very well because when there is so much staff in the company, you know what’s going on…”

Gabriela Jara

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“I am office manager of Icaria atelier, I am in charge of travel in the company. I am contacting you to show my satisfaction with the work done with Maria in the Seville office, she is effective, organized and fast, very valuable qualities that affect positively in a direct way to my work.”

Clara Soto

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I would like to sincerely thank you for your excellent handling of my colleagues’ trips to Saudi Arabia, Your professionalism and efficiency are admirable,

Through your hard work and knowledge in the field of travel, you have managed to plan and organise memorable itineraries for your clients. Booking flights, trains, hotels and activities, your meticulous attention to every detail has left a positive mark on those who rely on you,

On behalf of all those who have experienced the wonder of travel thanks to your talent and dedication, I would like to express my sincere gratitude.

Halima Gaiat

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